Palliative Care
Our Care Givers visit their patients in their homes and provide holistic care including; Physical care; pain and symptom control; nutritional advice and general physical care;
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Health Care
Our on-site clinic which is funded by Department of Health sees 1200 patients a month. Its main function is to distribute ARV’s and assist in basic health care.
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Support Groups
In order to offer holistic care and support to our patients and their families, we offer and host various support group programmes.  One of which is I-ACT. 
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OVC Programme
Our OVC (Orphaned and Vulnerable Children) Programme is funded by Department of Social Development.  Two Child Minders cook for and feed almost 60 children
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Food Distribution
TLC receives food and funds for food from various sources.  This food is distributed directly into the field where it’s needed most. Our Nurses and Care 
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Education & Training
In a bid to become more self-sustaining, TLC has begun an Education & Training Centre.  We offer Health related and Palliative Care courses
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